About Paleokastritsa

Paleokastritsa is a world-famous family-friendly beach town with a rich and beautiful history, located 25km down the Northwest coast of Corfu. Visiting Paleokastritsa, you’ll be met with stunning turquoise water and idyllic views of the Greek coastline.

Humans have lived in the Paleokatristsa area for over 1,000 years, with the town housing the historic Paleokastritsa Monastery and Angelokastro fortress. Paleokastritsa is also home to 6 enclosed bays and a number of beautiful beaches, many of which are dotted with olive and lemon trees.
Things To Do Around Paleokastritsa
On your visit to Paleokastritsa, you will find many things to do, as our area is a historic and idyllic part of Corfu.
As a beautiful coastal paradise, Paleokastritsa is home to over 15 amazing beaches. While many of our beaches are only reachable by boat, others are perfect for tourists – with sunbeds and umbrellas freely available and canoes for hire.

Here on Paleokastritsa, our beaches are a little unusual. While crystal clear waters are seen all over Corfu, the sand on our beaches is mixed with pebbles and shingles. However, we do have one fully sand beach – Agios Spiridon.

If you are looking to explore the caves south of Paleokastritsa, we also have an organized port. Located at Alipa beach, our port rents out sailboats and speedboats perfect for exploring Paleoastritsa’s coastline.

Many families who visit Paleokastritsa choose to swim in our safest beaches – Agia Triada, Platakia and Alipa beaches. These beaches are located in natural coves that shield the beach from harsh tides and strong waves. Paleokastritsa beach is also very popular and has plenty of places to buy food and drinks.

Theotokos Monastery
Paleokastritsa Monastery (often called ‘Paleokastritsa Monastery’) was built during the 12th century. Today, most of the buildings on the site are under 200 years old but the monastery is still home to many monks and cats.

From the village of Lakones above the monastery, you will witness a breathtaking view of Paleokastritsa. From here, you can continue south, or up the hill towards the villages of Krini and Makrades. If you choose to walk south, you will find the idyllic village of Liapades – one of Corfu’s oldest towns.

If you wish to visit the monastery, we recommend booking a tour ahead of time, as it can get very busy. You can drive up to the monastery and park onsite but is only a short walk from the centre of town.

Angelokastro Fortress
Angelkastro Fortress is located on Paleokastritsa’s northwest coast. If you climb to the top of the fortress, you will have reached the areas highest peak at 305 metres (1,000 ft). The view from here is exceptional and breathtaking – making it an excellent experience for many visitors.

The fortress dates back to the Byzantine (Roman) empire and it has been involved in many battles with the Ottoman Empire during its long history. Since 2018, the fortress has been open to the public for a small fee of €2 a person. At the fortress today, you will be able to see a number of historic landmarks, including the Church of the Acropolis, the Circular Tower, the Anthropomorphic graves and the Chapel in the Rock. The fort is closed on Wednesdays.

Paleokastritsa Caves
Paleokastritsa is home to 6 idyllic and breathtaking caves, including the famous Nausika cave. Nausika’s cave is said to be named after the Princess Nausika (Princess of Finikia) after she saved Odysseus.

Unfortunately, all of Paleokastritsa’s caves are only accessible by boat. As the sea in many places can be unpredictable, be careful if you choose to rent a pedalo or canoe to visit the caves. The best way to see Paleokastritsa’s caves is to rent a boat yourself or take a boat tour from Alipa beach. While some tours last all day, other tours are as short as forty-five minutes.

The Boat of Odysseus
If you’re looking for an adventure on Greek Mythology, try visiting the rock of Kolovri. Accessible by boat, the rock is said to be an old ship of Odysseus – turned to stone by God of the Sea Poseidon. It is also visible from Paleokastritsa Monastery and Lakones Village.

Places to Eat Around Paleokastritsa
While many visitors choose to self-cater during their visit to Paleokastritsa, there are many amazing restaurants around the local area. Close to our accommodation, you will find:

● Alipa Restaurant
● Apollon Restaurant
● Nikos Restaurant
● Smurf’s
● Xenia
● Limani
● Skeloydi
● Tango Cafe and Bar
● Akron
● Gran Aladino
● The Greek way
● Nereids Restaurant

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